Stream Embed not working with IE 11

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Howdy, I found several archived posts stating this was solved however those solutions don't work for me.

I'm currently testing Stream as a consolidated video platform for our company. So, experience with O365 is limited.

I'm embedding a Stream channel into an on premise SharePoint 2013 environment. When our QA users view the page in chrome/firefox/Edge they get the channel to load. However, if they use IE, they don't even see the iframe. It's just a white space on the page. Thanks in advance!


Edit: I should clarify that I've added the stream URLs to the trusted sites list via GPO. 

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I have this exact same issue, did you find a resolution?


It does work in Chrome and Edge but not in IE....and IE is our default browser which we tell people to use so we need to get this sorted.

I have also added the list of domains found here to the (in our case) local intranet zone.

Is there a complete list ofall the necessary config in IE to get all O365 services to work as expected?

I haven't yet found a complete solution. Another team just turned on some ADFS servers/services as part of another project and some of our affected people no longer have issues. Between that and adding the nosignupcheck or domain_hint items found here, I think we've covered most of the issues for now. It's still a problem that I think they are aware of. That thread talks about a backlog item for ADFS acceleration that prove useful.

Thanks, greatly appreciated. Unfortunately we don't use ADFS for auth. We use password sync and have our machines joined to AAD.