Stream Embed not visible (webpart is blank) in iOS on mobile

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I embedded a Stream video onto a SharePoint page with a Script Editor webpart, which is working as expected on desktop.


But when I open the page in mobile (Safari on iOS), the embed doesn't appear at all - it's just blank. But if I then go to and then come back and refresh the page with the embed, the video appears correctly.


Any ideas as to why this is happening and anything I can do to resolve it? This is intended for the homepage of a company intranet so it's a potentially major issue for the mobile user experience.

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Well, from my experience the issue you are having is because embedding a video in a SPO page using iFrames does not completely work and I have experienced this myself...that's the reason why we have a Stream WebPart for modern webpages, but unfortunately we don't have it for classic pages... adding @Marc Mroz here for visibility on this topic

Adding @Saili Raje from our Stream team to take a look at this one as she is working on the auth flows for embed videos and owns the player we use in Stream.

HI, @Thomas Lalor! Sorry that you are experiencing a blank embed. Out of curiosity, what version of IOS are you running? Also are you blocking cross-site tracking in you safari settings? If so, can you try clearing you cookies/safari history, disabling cross-site tracking prevention and then try again?

Hi, @Saili Raje, I'm on iOS 11.2.5. I disabled cross-site tracking prevention and cleared cookies and the embed loaded, so that appears to have worked. Is this the only way to get around the issue? When launching the intranet out to the organisation it's probably not going to be feasible to instruct everyone they need to do this..

As of now this is the only solution we are aware of, however we are continuing to look for better workarounds and will keep this thread up to date.

I get the same thing. Accessing a stream embed web part using the sharepoint app on ios prompts me to login (which doesn’t make sense cause I am already logged in the SP) and then I get a blank page. We are about to roll this out company wide. :(

We are experiencing the same on IE. Stream wp embedded on modern pages no longer displays the video thumbnail, but the sign-in option - which results in an error. Please advise.


@Ian Hudson - There are issues with the stream webpart and stream embed working correctly in the SharePoint mobile app. We've been working for the last many months trying to come up with a technical solution to solve auth across our two services. We think we've made a break through in the last few days and are working the SP team to get a solution in place. There are changes on both the Stream and SP mobile side that are likely needing to be done before we can get this fully working.

@Edua Heuze - What's the error you are seeing? (Can you post a screenshot?) Your issue sounds like it may be a slightly different than others in this thread. Did the Stream webpart or embed ever work for you in IE on a SPO page? If not it's possible that you are running into trusted site/zone issues. 


Can you look at this other thread and try the solution in there:

Hi Ian there are a few technical limitations in the SharePoint iOS app that we are working on at this time, we apologize for the inconvenience. 

Thanks Marc,

Our issue was different. We had our videos working correctly over the past few month when they suddenly displayed the Stream login option that resulted in an error when clicked. It is now working again, back to normal.

Hi there,

Is there a better solution/workaround that has been found for this issue on safari? Seems to work fine on mobile chrome. Thanks!

Hi @Sanum S, unfortunately there are no other work-arounds as the behavior is completely dependent on how Safari handled cookies in iframes. We are working on fixing this behavior in the iOS sharepoint app which should alleviate some of the login friction once we deploy the fix 

Does Apple know about this or do we need to log this with the Apple techcommunity as well?

Apple is aware of the behavior as it exists today and when we filed the iframe cookie bugs they marked the bug as a dupe. You are free to reach out to them directly as well. 

I would like to know if there has been a resolution for the above subject.





are hoping to be able to deploy our workaround soon, that allows users to playback the content in the app without seeing an error. The experience would allows users to click the play button and navigate to a new viewing experience in the app to work around the blocking behavior that Apple has implemented.     stay tuned for the news :) 

would be useful to know! ;)

@Chris Cundy @Thomas Lalor @Juan Carlos González Martín @Ian Hudson @Edua Heuze @Sanum S 


I just wanted to notify you all that our changes have been pushed to prod in the sharepoint iOS app so you should be able to playback you Stream content without logging in now. Since Apple blocked our inline playback flow we implemented a placeholder that you can select which pops open the video player or channel embed and enables you to playback. Please let me know if you have any questions!


thanks for all your patience and feedback!