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Hello group. 


We are looking to implement Stream and have to be concerned about data storage implications here in Canada. Where is the Stream content and account information stored/where does it travel through to make it to the final destination?


Thank you all!

Cheers, Brett Hanna

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Hi Brett, you can find this information from the “?” option in the Stream UI, if you have it running and then click on “About Microsoft Stream” and see where your data is stored.


 Stream Data Location.gif


Hope that helps.

Thank you very much for the quick reply:


Currently all I have is this:

Microsoft Stream

Version 1.0.930.10
Session ID b55e5c53-c85f-4b03-8222-184b34cd8b00
I guess I will have to upload content or something to get the location to show!


Still no location after uploading a video.


I guess I didn't setup Stream correctly?


Using it as a standalone service.



We should always display the location of where your data is stored. Can you check it again in a little bit and see if it shows then? If not we can try and track down why it's not showing for you.


In general we pair up your Stream tenant / Stream DC with the billing address country listed in your AAD tenant. If we don't have a DC in that country/region we'll put your Stream tenant into a region nearest to your AAD billing address country. 


Today Stream is deployed in the following regions:



Asia Pacific





Over the course of 2018 we'll continue to add more deployments in more regions.