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Hi guys, I’m trying to copy last years Stream videos which are in a group/channel to this years new learners again as a TEAMS channel, they all show and work perfectly on my devices but the learners are getting access blocked/restricted even though they’re signed in to their Microsoft account(s) :crying_face::crying_face::crying_face::crying_face:

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You'd have to be more specific on what you did. I'm guessing you just linked the channel via a tab to the new Teams team for this year?

If so you are just pointing to the old videos with the old permissions. Assuming the everyone check box is not checked for theses videos.

You'd need to touch every video and change permission to the new Teams team or check the everyone box.

Also Stream (Classic) will retire in the next year or so (date coming later this year). You should start putting videos directly into the files tab in Teams and use this or something like it instead...
Many thanks for the reply. Ok how about this one: Do I still have to click on EACH of the 120 videos to assign to a private or even a Company Wide Channel. Surely there’s a way to click on all 120 or at least more than one at a time to assign???
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You have to unfortunately click on each one to change it.

You should start putting videos into Teams directly as there are bulk operations and you'll have an easier time moving them or copying them to new Teams year over year.
Literally drop them into TEAMS as an actual MP4 file Marc? Won’t that slow server down etc?
Yes! Just upload the mp4s to a regular folder or class materials folder! We built all the goodness of Stream and video playback directly into Teams and SharePoint. You'll get ability to set chapters, transcript, thumbnail, comments, embed them on the new education homepage in Teams with the file viewer web part or have collections with highlighted content web part.

We have optimized and make ton of investment in video playback directly from SharePoint files store.

Stream (Classic) will be retired in coming year and half and you'll have to use SharePoint and Teams for videos.
Ok, what about videos directly recorded onto/using Stream that don’t create an MP4??
Are asking about screen recordings from Stream (Classic) that are .webm files? We support nearly all video formats directly in SharePoint and Teams. Whatever Stream (Classic) supported format wise should work from SharePoint or Teams as well.

If something doesn't work let us know so we can fix it.
Yes those .webm files. Those aren’t compatible
Can you show me a screenshot of what is happening? Are you clicking a webm file in Teams and it just doesn't play?

We are rolling out a change right now that clicks from Teams file tab won't play the videos in line in the old Teams player but will launch a new window and play them in the new Stream player page for SharePoint.