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Can sub categories for channels be used in MS Stream.


I would like to setup channels for different departments and then have channels withhin these areas created.  I do not want to use groups to facilitate this.

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No we do not have sub-channels or channels within channels. If you want 2 layers of organization you need to use a Group which can have channels within it. If you want something close to a companywide channel where anyone can add/remove videos, you can make your group be companywide/public. Then anyone can join that group and start posting videos to it. (We need to add a "join group" button in Stream to help this).

Having a sort of tree/hierarchical structure in the channels my be a usefull stuff.


If one think about a sort of internal e-Learning, it could be useful to sort videos by Area /product / version / Chapter / ...


A one-level only is often too short and start creating a mess having a huge list of channels


Having sort of sections, playlist, ... could make it more easy to use )

@Vincent Cornil - We do have the ability to have a 2 layer structure if you use Stream Groups.


After you make a Stream group you can create channels under that group which are just a way to organize videos within that specific group. 


My comment above was saying that for the "companywide channels" you can't make a channel under them. Channels can't have sub-channels within the channel, but groups can have channels within them. (Groups are closer to channels in YouTube).


In this screenshot... 

"Bright Insights" is the group which has 2 channels under it "Adventure Trips" and "Brainstorming" 

Groups and channels.png

 See this help article for more info and a short video of groups/channels within Stream:

Having channel playlists would be super helpful. In our previous tool, we had our "official channels" (such as HR, Leadership Messages, Finance, etc.) and within those channels, we had several playlists for different video series and trainings. It was an easy way to keep things organized by department/region and still have a distinction between the sets of videos that belong in those channels.