Stream blocked in China?

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We were made aware this morning from our employees in China that Stream videos have been blocked by the Great Wall Firewall. It seems this change was made within the last 4-5 weeks because that's when we first received reports from our employees that they were unable to watch Stream videos. Curious if anyone else has been told this or has any info/comments...? 

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We encountered the same issue also.

@James_Y   I got an update from my IT guy today saying Microsoft has deployed code to fix the issue. From the language on the email, it seems like it's a band aid, but it's something. 

@Kate Bowling Hi
Currently, we have a connection issue on teams and streams in our campus of souzhu (China).

I wanted to know if you alway have this issue?


Thanks for the feed back



We are having the same issue on our campus in China. any information on the potential solution would be very helpful. 

@Matt_majedi @Fred_vandewoestyne - This is happening in general for organizations that have users accessing Stream instance that's outside of China from within China. Stream enabled Azure CDN for normal videos uploaded to Stream and a few months later it seems the urls/IPs are being blocked inside China. 


Other customers have instructed their China employees to watch Stream through VPN.


If that's not an option for you, open a support ticket and request support to escalate the case to the Stream Product Group. We are making some configuration changes per customer to disable Azure CDN upon request in some cases. We'll need to look at your case and determine if we can/can't do that.