Stream and RiverBed Steelhead Web Caching

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Has anyone leveraged the RiverBed in a large enterprise to cache a MS Stream ~uhhhh stream for distribution?  Seems like MS Stream is now on a list maintained by RiverBed indicating that there is support for it.  WOndeing if anyone has feedback good bad or indifferent....

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I have heard from a few customers that they've gotten RiverBed working with Stream and O365 Video. It would be great if anyone here on the forum could jump in and give their thoughts.

Hi @Marc Mroz.  We also have Symantec's Bluecoat proxies.  Do you have any customers that are leveraging them for Stream?  If there are any papers on the same, that would be helpful :).  Thanks!

I have also heard a few customers mention Bluecoat proxies working too, but we never wrote any instructions or papers on it, and don't know if the cache proxy providers have.


I did however write up this short high level overview explaining roughly what needs to be done. For the customers that got it working, I basically gave them this high level info and they and their cache proxy figured it out: