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Hi There

We are looking to use stream as a learning content library, to house training videos for systems right through to soft skills learning.


Currently you are not able to load a YouTube link to Stream, would this be planned for a future release at all?


I would rather use the one portal for all learning videos, links to ted talks etc without the need of building a sharepoint interface for videos that we do not create ourselves.

Looking forward to hearing from you

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This idea has come up now and again in the past. I agree it would be a helpful feature to be able to include YouTube/Vimeo/other solutions URLs/Embed codes into Stream and treat them as part of your groups/channels like any video you upload directly to Stream.


You can add your votes/comments for this feature to this idea in our ideas forum:

Thank you Mark, I have voted and added a comment to the below page.


I am new to this site, how responsive are Microsoft to suggestions?

@Tarron Brown - We try to be very feedback driven. We listen on these forums, on the ideas voted on, we review the feedback given in app by users, and via the "Would you recommend... " (NPS) rating, and do many customer calls every month. We take all the feedback into consideration when setting what we'll work on next. So in terms of responsiveness and time to pick up a new feature to work on, it really depends on the feature request and how important it is to our broader sets of customers. 


For that particular feature of adding external links/embed codes as a video in Stream has come up in the past but hasn't raised up high enough in priority for us to feel it's the right time to work on it.

Hi Mark


Thank you for that, I really hope it gets more interest for others and gets on the priority list :)