Stream Admin - what is the minimum license needed?

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I've looked high and low for this answer, but maybe I didn't look enough. In order for a person to be a Stream Admin, the account needs to have a license, right? Is there a minimum version of license that is needed?


We follow the practice of splitting administrative accounts with rights from normal user accounts. I'd really like to provide a very low license to the administrative account (Office 365 F1 say) instead of something monstrous like Microsoft 365 E5. 


...and why does the admin have to have a license anyway?

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Cheapest license you can buy JUST for Stream is Stream Plan1 roughly $3/user. F1 is roughly $4 user and includes other things, so might as well just go with F1 if you were :P. Anyway, the reference table for licensing Stream is here:

Gotta have license to admin because there are no admin center's / powershell/ graph support for it yet :P.

Given where we are on licensing, I definitely am wanting to go F1. My question though is if that is enough to allow an account to have Stream Admin role. When I assign that sub to an account and give them Stream Admins, they can't seem to access the Stream admin page. If I bump them to E5 (the only other sub I have), they can. That seems poorly executed to me.

Hmm, interesting. Be curious myself about this. The Stream guys are usually pretty good about watching this forum. @Marc Mroz was helping with an admin issue the other day that was a bug, maybe there is more to that in regards to licensing?


Marc do you by chance know what min. license is for admin role, see that F1 cannot get to it but an E5 can which I find odd but then again F1 don't count towards storage quota so probably doesn't have all the same entries an E sku would add. 


So assuming that, a Stream license add-on would be cheapest at that point, followed by your E1 sku. 


I'm checking with our engineering team to look into this code flow. So I'll get back to you.

But on the surface I think it can be explained as the following (making some guesses/assumptions in our code)...


Stream doesn't have a concept to let any user into Stream without some stream license.

F1 users can't upload based on the business planning/licensing model we decided on.


F1 overrides Stream admin role because otherwise you'd be able to just make lots of people F1 users Stream admins and get access to features not paid for.