Stream Admin - Take Ownership of Video?

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As a Stream Administrator (also Global Tenant Administrator), how would I take ownership (override) of a video if I don't have access to it. Say a user left the company and I want to move all his/her videos to a group. Or a video is uploaded but still unpublished, how would I even know this video exists?

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Today, Stream requires you to have a link for videos you don't have access to as an Admin and then you can take ownership but we are working on addressing this gap. cc: @Ashish Chawla

Thanks, understood.
Has there been any progress made on this? I am a Global Tenant Admin within my organization and we are starting to use Stream more and more. I need visibility into what is being created and management of both content and permissions. What is the solution?

I second this, John.


@Vishal Sood, any status on this? It's been more than a year now since your post saying it was being addressed. We, too, are hoping to expand Stream in our org, but this missing functionality is a disaster waiting to happen. Perhaps we've missed something somewhere, which would be great.

Update?  two years since post @Bill Blais 

Update?  It has been three years since the post @Bill Blais