Stream access to external AD users or group companies

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I am aware that guest sharing will be available in Stream eventually (no ETA). However, I am looking for a different solution. I have an enterprise customer who is a conglomerate or group with several companies. They want to implement group-wide video portal using Stream. However, there are about 5 tenants in the group. Is it possible to implement Stream in one tenant (60% users covered) and then give access to other tenants' users? They do not want to share individual videos with specific users, but grant access at tenant or AAD level for all users in those select tenants. In fact, they want to prevent videos being shared by users (employees) to external people (outside the group).

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@Yatin Purohit - Hi Yatin. We won't have guest sharing in Stream (Classic), but already have it in the new version of Stream.


First, see if the information in this concise third-party-forum discussion about how to share a SharePoint site between Office 365 tenants is helpful. If so, then you could start collecting videos in your SharePoint extranet site, creating modern pages  and using existing SharePoint web parts (e.g., Hero, Highlighted content, Document library, File viewer) to display your content. 


Does this help?

@ChrisKnowlton is there a way to fix the URL so it access the Stream dashboard of a certain tenant. The use case for this, is when a "guest" tries to access a Video from our tenant, they get redirected automatically to their "home" tenant, instead of accessing the video in our tenant, and thus get a "That video couldn't be found." error; because they are defaulting to the incorrect tenant.