Stream access to customer outside of your organisation.


good day,


i have had Teams calls and demos with clients and it has been recorded. once they tried to access it they get notification that the content has been removed.


see attached screenshot if the message when i try add them.

how do they gain access or how can i share the recording with them once it is uploaded to stream




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Hi @Vivian_Ladner

You can't. At the moment it's only for users within the organisation - stream doesn't support B2B or anonymous sharing. However it is on the Microsoft 365 roadmap and expected for CY2020 Q4

So the only way to share this currently is to download the video and either upload it to another platform, or put it into SharePoint/OneDrive so they can download the file and consume it that way

This is a massive priority for the Stream team - it will come it's just a matter of time

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Hi @Vivian_Ladner, we are working on public anonymous access to Stream videos (including recorded Teams meetings) and this is scheduled to roll out later this year on


In addition, one current option is for a video owner to download the mp4 from Stream, upload it to some other platform like OneDrive for Business or SharePoint, and then share with guest permissions from there. 

Thank you, @Christopher Hoard and @garrettbronner, for your comments!


Would either of you happen to know why I'm now unable to find the page for this feature, ID 27728?  (I was able to before.)  I noticed that unauthenticated external video sharing for videos in OneDrive and SharePoint (feature ID 68829) has now been launched.  Does that mean feature 68829 is the solution for feature 27728?