Stop recorded Team meetings uploading to Stream

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Does anyone know how to stop videos uploading into Stream from recorded meetings in Teams?


I can't find the setting to do this and we use Teams quite heavily and last thing I would want is confidential conference calls which have been recorded uploading to Stream to be viewed by those who aren't supposed to be privy to that information discussed.


Thank you

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Hi @gdusanjh,

See here

You can't stop meeting recording going into Stream as that is how cloud recording is designed, however you can stop people from recording by restricting the upload function in the Stream Admin Centre to specific users if required

Recorded meetings are only visible to those within the organisation who attended the meeting, if you want to restrict that further (I.e. make it visible only to certain people), the person who recorded can go into the Stream portal ( and restrict who has permissions on the video to be able to view it

See here for a recent blog I wrote

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Brilliant, thank you. 


This has cleared things up. After testing over the weekend, the upload to Stream from a recorded Teams meeting is working better.


Than you for the guide, was very helpful.