Soft deletion of videos post-migrate

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Hi all,


As per the Microsoft documentation, soft-delete of videos when migrated from Stream (Classic) to Stream (on SharePoint) should happen either 'within one hour' or 'within a couple of hours' depending on the exact documentation page you are looking at. Here's an example:

Stream migration tool FAQ - Microsoft Stream | Microsoft Learn


However, when I'm doing testing in one of our tenants videos still have not been soft-deleted despite being migrated 96 hours ago. Does anyone have any idea on how to deal with this situation?

Tried creating a support ticket through Admin Portal, but have not gotten any meaningful reply yet beyond the acknowledgment of the ticket being received.

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I have the same issue. Been waiting for about a week now but the old videos are still available in the classic Stream portal and video links are still opening in the classic view.
Same here. In the meantime I got a reply from support that I may need to wait for a "couple of days" before the soft deletion would happen. In my case it's been 15 days now and counting, so I am not really holding my breath waiting for the soft delete to occur...

@Henrik Blåfield This is a known issue listed in the Migration Tool release notes where sometimes migrated videos aren't soft-deleted.  According to the notes, the fix is scheduled for May 30, at which point the videos 'should' soft-delete automatically.  I'd suggest you refer to the Release Notes often for updates since we all know how 'things change'.

You are absolutely correct, this is indeed listed these days in the release notes as a known issue. I am pretty sure that part was not there in April when I started this thread (the page you refer to has last been updated 8th May).

Anyways, I can now see that the videos have indeed been migrated, and I had seen the note you posted already some time ago - just forgot to update the thread here at that time. But thanks anyways :).

@Henrik Blåfield We started our migration in January of this year.  The soft deletions were being done successfully the first month.  Now any migrations we've done since February are no longer soft deleting.....obviously longer than the 1-2 hours up to 96 hours mentioned in the migration documentation.


I too put in a support ticket but was told to come here and also contact the stream engineering team.  Can't locate where to contact the stream engineering team so I'm seeing if there's anyone who's recently run into this issue.


I'm with a GCC organization btw.