Should I start using Stream instead of O365 video?

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I have a user who posts videos for our corporate portal. She has been using an O365 video channel and is anxious to start using MS Stream. As an O365 Admin, she's always contacted me to create a video channel or manage permissions. I've never used Stream, but she's now asking me to create a Stream channel and gave me the names of people who need to be able to upload videos. It looks like I'd need to create a new Group to manage permissions for a Stream channel, and as for who can view.... it's either  Group or everyone. I assume at some point O365 videos will be grandfathered, but is MS Stream ready for heavy use? These videos will be viewed by hundreds of people, and I want to make sure that, before exploring using it, it's reliable!

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The answer is yes, Microsoft Stream is much more capable than Office 365 for scenarios where videos will be viewed by hundred of people...also remember that Office 365 Video will be discontinued at some time in the future and only Microsoft Stream will stay us Video service