Should I create a company wide channel

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My company wants to use Stream to share our virtual town halls out to our employee base. The simplest method would just be to create a company wide channel, upload the videos there, and be done with it. My problem is that company wide channels allow anyone to upload and remove videos from that channel, as well as leave comments. We don't want that. Can those settings be overridden by going into the admin portion of Stream and turning on "Restrict comments on videos" and "Restrict video uploads"?


The other route would be to create an O365 group that encompasses all employees, assign a channel to that group and limit the owners of that group thereby limiting who can upload and remove videos. The problem with that solution is that it introduces a fair amount of administration over head. 


Any suggestions?

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@cfidler - You can turn on/off comments per video. If you wanted to lock everyone in the company out of uploading to Stream you could do that with the overall admin settings. But if you are really just trying to lock down an "area" in Stream (classic) you should use a public M365 group with the "allow members to contribute" check box unchecked. This will make the group be viewable by the entire company and if someone happened to try and join the public group, they'd just be able to view not add content to the group.


On "the new Stream" in the future you'd do this with a SP Communication site and just make "Everyone except external users" be viewers / visitors on the site and only let the select few people upload/edit content on the site. By using SP instead of Stream (Classic) you can make a nice landing page on the SP site for more info for the Town Halls than just the videos.