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hi! are there any update what time the update release? 

i want to embed the video to website


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No news here!
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It's listed on the Office 365 roadmap now only in the last week, with an estimated release Q4 CY2018, so towards the end of the year.


Microsoft Stream: Public anonymous external video sharing


Allow individual videos in Microsoft Stream to be marked for external public access allowing the video to be embeded in a public website. Anyone in the world can view these external videos without a login. Stream admins will be able to control if this feature is enabled and who within the organization can make videos publicly available.


Estimated Release: Q4 CY2018
Feature ID: 27728
Added to Roadmap: 04/26/2018

i was also looking for one..




any update?

Any word on if this will ever come to fruition?

I would be surprised if we ever see this as a feature because it would compete directly with other CDN's.

Not getting paid extra for it may be a feature stopper.

Does anyone have an update on this? We're using GoToWebinar but eager to move everything to Stream.

@מתן בהט 

I think you should connect with the official Microsoft support team, they can get most authentic news on this!



We have 2 separate projects on our plans for Stream when it comes to "external access"

1. Public anonymous users without any login

2. Guest users via Azure B2B


Both are still on our backlog list to do, but I don't have any new updated timelines to share sorry!

We'd love to see the first option - Public anonymous users without any login - become a reality. Thanks!

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Guest access that follows something similar to ODFB (timebased) would be a god send right now, we have teaching staff recording teams meetings and trying to share them with mature learners a couple of which use their personal accounts, streams is turning in to a very useful product.

@Marc Mroz 


Are there any new updates on this feature yet? Especially at a time when remote working and sharing is becoming the norm, I'm at a loss to why we still can't share Stream content outside our organization. My users are uploading videos to other platforms right now because of this, so any help is appreciated!