Sharing a video/ppt on a website

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We currently use Microsoft Mix to load ppt to our website

These videos are used as training for our schools and staff. 


We need the ability to have the survey link at the end of the video/ppt


With the new migration into Microsoft Stream, it seems that i will run into a few issues once Mix is removed. 

1. I can not upload a ppt

2. I can not link the survey link to a video

3. The videos are not shareable to people unless they have a 365 account.


We need our teachers to have the ability to watch the training video even if they do not have a 365 account. 

We need the ability to link the survey to the end of the video in order to track the teachers progress appropriately. 

We need a workaround for uploading PPT in order to link the video to the survey. 


Please assist. 

Thank you


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You are correct that Stream does not have all the features of Office Mix and as such you don't have a way to continue doing what you were doing. Sorry.


Watching videos without O365 Login

This is on our roadmap for Stream. We are looking into both pubic anonymous video playback and named guest users. No timelines I can promise at this time but this is higher on our list.



We have done some high level discussions with the PowerPoint and Microsoft Forms teams. We think that eventually something closer to what Mix could do would come by the combination of our 3 teams. However these are just early discussions and we don't have a clear roadmap here yet.


Uploading PPT

This works today in PowerPoint if you use the "Publish to Stream" button that recently was added. We allow you to attach your PPT file to the video as it's uploaded to Stream. But this doesn't get you what you want in terms of survey/interactivity, etc. It's just a way to keep the original PPT around with the Stream video for future download and edit.