Sharepoint Modern Site - MS Streams Video (Embed/Web Part) not working properly

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Hello guys,

I tried to embed or add as a web part the MS Streams but both are showing me this message. Our tenant tried to sign in and it opens a browser tab and nothing happens. 




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Same here, seems like some most recent bug from MS, as everything was working before. If you land in the browser it works fine, but in MS Teams tab its just like in the picture.

I am having the same exact issue. I plan to open a support ticket with Microsoft.
I already did and they said there must be a mis config on last update and they are looking at it.
The same here ... and it is going on for months now. I'm currently really thinking about downloading everything from Stream and integrating those videos as *.mp4 into our pages ... this is how much I dislike it when I see that message.

It seems to be working for the majority of our users now, but some are still getting the error @ahofbeck 

@NatStreet132050 Hi did anyone work out how to resolve this issue? We are seeing it now I have a ticket raised