Selectively Enable Users for STream

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Hi everyone.  Looking for a way to selectively enable only a subset of users in our IT department to test Stream before rolling out to the entire organization.  


I know there is a way to disable login to Stream via properties of the application in AAD; however this disables login for everyone (actually the behaviour I found while testing in my non-prod tenant was that it doesn't remove the Stream tile, it simply logs you out if you click on it... which is questionable behaviour in my opinion, but I digress).


If anyone has a method to disable self-signup, and ultimately disable login for non-licensed users, whilst allowing the enabling of the feature for only selective accounts, please let me know.  I haven't been able to find this particular scenario on the web, but I have found quite a few individuals requesting it since last year.




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If you remove the Stream license from a user they won't be able to login to Stream and the tile in the app launcher will go away for that user.


However as you mention below those users without a license can still Sign up for Stream to get a free trial license of Stream ad-hoc on their own. We don't have a setting in Stream to block the ad-hoc sign ups for Stream onlym but there is a way to do this if you are okay with blocking ALL ad-hoc sign ups including that of other services (Flow, PowerApps, PowerBI, etc).

Is Microsoft working on this? It's pretty difficult to explain to customers that they don't yet have an option to make this application available to selected users.