Search in Microsoft Stream does not crawl transcript any more

Some weeks ago with the global search box in Stream it was possible to get results from within the transcripts of videos. This is currently not possible any more. Why?
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@Tomislav Karafilov I have the exact same issue, so at least you're not alone. I presume it's not specifc to your tenant, maybe it's a generic issue.

I am facing same issue. Even the search in the transcript is not working anymore.

@Tomislav Karafilov Can confirm this is happening tenant wide for us.

@Tomislav Karafilov Just saw this in our tenant as well. I can clearly read the words in the captions, yet search returns no results. Really annoying!

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@Katrin Weixel 

Microsoft has just announced (MC207439) that the search feature will temporarily exclude the content of the videos in certain data centres.

The video search experience in Stream will temporarily exclude results from transcripts for these data centers: Europe North, Europe West, Singapore, South East Asia, U.S. East. Searches will continue to show results based on words in the video title and description. Additionally, transcript search will not work for individual videos on the player page in South East Asia and U.S. East. 

It's a temporary feature adjustment.

@1dimitri Ok, thank you! Glad it will be a temporary adjustment!










I dont understand why they disabled it for certain data centers?

Anyone know?

When will it return?  Pretty popular feature I would imagine.



@Tomislav Karafilov 

Dear Sir,


Is it possible to recover a permanently deleted video from MS Stream recycle bin?

Is it possible for my MS Stream admin in our company to restore the video after I deleted it from my recycle bin permanently?


Thank you very much!


@Tomislav Karafilov I'm just starting with Stream, seeing the same behaviour.  Is this working now for others?  Will it ever work again (given Ignite announcements)?

Can we get an update on this?  We have customers who really need and want this.    @1dimitri 

Please turn this back on.


Hi Robb,
I've tried it today, and it does work for our tenant... So it's likely that APAC is fixed now.
Could you try again?
(Keep in mind, I'm not working for Microsoft :) )

@1dimitri / @Nashville_Robb  - Just wanted to check in to see if you gentlemen had heard anything about the US rest of the global tenants coming back online with this features.  I'm at a global firm but our tenant account looks like US/UK because I still don't see the DEEP SEARCH through multiple videos with the text from transcripts.  The basic single video transcript search with snippets works fine but this larger snippet search across videos would be unbelievable valuable to get back online!


Anyone from @MSFT that can comment on the roadmap here for this?  Is this tenant by tenant or a holistic feature that will crank on soon?







@peterclarkesmith  Nothing official.  Through the grapevine I heard they turned it off due to Covid and I believe capacity issues.


To me this is the valuable function of video archiving and Teams.  Wish we could find the person who could turn it back on. 

I have figured out we have the same issue right now whereas 6 months ago. I am based in France. Any news on this?
Still nothing... Very sad. 2 years. Maybe they are working on Sharepoint Video to get it back?
All our efforts are in building our videos on SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, and OneDrive. If you have a video there with a transcript it’s searchable across M365. See all that’s possible there already today and what’s coming:

I believe all the details on what works or doesn’t work with Stream (Classic) transcripts and search is documented here:

Sorry that we had to disable so much and it’s taking a while to rebuild things into Stream (on SharePoint), thank you for your patience. We are working to hopefully get the migration tool generally available later this year.