Screen captures recorded via Chrome just spin on playback

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Hey team,


I've tried twice now to record a screen capture via the stream website. Both times it's worked, but upon trying to play it back all I get is the spinning progress 'circle'. Colleagues have followed the URL for the share and get the same.


I tried to download and put the video on our stored drive, but a colleague is still seeing different to I when I run the download.


Any ideas? If I could actually share with my colleagues this would be such an awesome tool. I recorded a Teams meeting (with a screenshare) last week and it seemingly worked fine.




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I should add, the last two of my attempts have been to record a short demo of an AWS service. Sadly I tried the comparable Azure offering first an it wasn't as good. I hope me trying to record AWS functionality isn't the issue...




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Was it a silent recording with no audio? We have an issue with screen recordings with no audio that we are in the process of fixing.

See this other thread:

Hi Marc,


Thanks for the reply - I believe it was a silent recording, I'll give the work around a go and record with  my mic running.