Restoring original Stream video after editing it/trimming it

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I made a massive mistake and accidentally edited a 3hour training video down to 30min. I recorded it on MS Teams /Stream and did not download a version before editing and just edited in Stream. How can I recover/restore the original version? It is not in my recycle bin - I have checked there already.
The video was recorded as part of a scheduled meeting - scheduled through Outlook/Join by MS Teams. Usually, videos appear in the 'Chat' stream after recording them. Perhaps since it was such a long video it did not appear in the chat stream and instead, I just got an email with a link to it in Stream. Is there any way our ICT can restore it? As they don't know how. Any help would be much appreciated.

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I have the same question. 

@verma_s unfortunately I never got any response so was never able to restore it. Our ICT didn't know how to access the original version, they didn't seem very knowledgeable about the back end of this service.

@mitco same problem here

it is totally counterintuitive that what you "cut" from a recording is what you are willing to save, trashing up the rest.


I wanted to cut the last five minutes of silence after the end of my lecture, those 5 minutes are what's left of the whole lecture.


Terrible user experience.

@vpieri yes exact same thing happened to me. I agree it is confusing re: the part you 'cut'. Also, it should at least sit in a recoverable trash for a period of time so you can restore it instead of completing disappearing as well. Now I am careful to download it first before editing it.

This just happened to ma and I am livid!!!