Reset storage location to MS Stream?

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We have a E5 License 


Since August, the user's team records have been stored in OneDrive or Records.

We want to reset this, but in MS Stream as the default as before.

Is this possible and if so, how?

Is it enough to execute the following command in the Teams PS?
Set-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy -Identity Global -RecordingStorageMode "Stream


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Hello, there was a possibility to opt-out for many months (using the above) but since August the new storage location for Teams meeting recordings are OneDrive/SharePoint (personal/group recordings).

You can read more about the change here
Thank you very much.
For us, this means that we can no longer use the Stream Classic and that everything is done completely via Sharepoint / OneDrive under Records and the respective Teams groups from now on and later?
There is no more overview and no central storage of all videos for the administrator in Stream?
Ist there no Company Central of Videos?
How do we stay as a company with the migration? What can end users no longer do until the migration is complete?
What is the idea if the videos are stored in an MS Teams group and the Teams group wants to share this with other colleagues who are not in the group? Is that only possible like sharing a file in OneDrive with XYZ person or linking to Yammer etc.?
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This is just part of the whole transition to Stream 2.0. You can read all about it here and follow the roadmap too.