Required bandwith to read videos from Stream ?

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Do you have some feedback regarding the bandwith usage by user to wath vodeos from stream in different video format ? Is it the same as Office Video as mentioned here :

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Microsoft Stream uses adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR) technology. It will choose the best bitrate based on your connected bandwidth.

If you play back a video in Stream, you will notice the "signal bars" in the controls area. If you hover over that, you can see the current available bandwidth's.  By default we automatically detect your bandwidth based on latency and determine the right video track to display on playback. You can also manually set it to any of the available tracks.

Thanks. I just wanted to notice that for a same vid�o published in both Office videos AND Stream, the bandwith recommandation isn't the same.. So I wonder it you updated video encoding from video to stream optimizing performance and banwith usage.

Then, one More questions, is it possible or is it planned to define maximum resolution for stream. The idea is to forbid user to select for example 1080p, while 720p is enough... in order to prevent a network bottleneck in the company.

Yes O365 Video and Stream use a difffernt encoding profile. In stream we analyze the input video and determine the best profile to use to optimize bandwidth and video size. If the video has lots of motion we need more bits for it. If it's just a talking head and static we can use less bits.


Stream supports up to 1080p where O365 Video only supports up to 720p.


Over the next several months in prep to transition O365 VIdeo to Stream we'll be adopting the Stream profile in O365 Video as well.