Replace Video Upload Frozen

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I began a replacement upload for a video that was put up earlier in the day, soon after Stream froze and my network traffic shows data is no longer going up to MS. When I try to reload the page or edit the video details our video thumbnail just says "Uploading..." and any changes in the video details fail to save.


Will the Stream platform figure out the upload failed on its own and revert/reset at some point, or are we stuck in this limbo now? While replacing the video file the video was taken off of Trending so it was imperative that it went back up quickly, I don't want to overall delete the video as that would break all the links we've sent out and delete the view count and comments... Any ideas/advice/suggestions?

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Hi All,

I am facing the exact same problem and not able to find any Cancel or Replace video button to fix this issue.

Seen some other forums and people are facing the upload freeze issue.

Can anyone help?

@De4our  For a new video you can start an other upload and delete the old one. You can see this videos under "My content/Videos" filtering by state "Draft".

You problem is while replacing an existing Video. What you describe sounds like a problem for the Microsoft Stream support. They can check the state of your video and maybe help you to bring all up.

A tipp to test could be: Close all browsers sessions, open an invognito session and retry the upload.

I'm having the exact same problem. The thumbnail just says "Uploading" and the button to replace video disappeared. Any solution/suggestion to resolve this issue?

@sasabo  You can only wait till a software timeout (do not know the settings) or contact the Microsoft support.

@De4ourAre there any updates to this thread?

I am encountering the same issue and there is a bar saying "This video will be automatically replaced when the new version is uploaded." above my video.


Will the upload timeout at all? I've been waiting for 2 hours already.


Thank you!

Hi @De4our! I just had the exact same issue that you described. I waited for 24 hours but the video was still stuck in the "uploading" state, and no upload was in progress.


I was able to start a new upload by opening the "Replace video" modal again with a direct URL: 


Try visiting the "update video" page for your frozen video and add that suffix (?open=ReplaceVideo) to the URL manually. For me, it popped up the dialog for starting a new upload, and eventually fixed the issue.


Hope this helps!

@havulinna  I hadn't been getting notifications from this thread, ironically enough I'm back to it because it happened again. (Surprise, surprise lol.)


I'll for sure give that a shot and see if it works, this new issue is that it fully uploaded properly, and now has a "Replacing..." progress bar that is stuck at 50%. I'll give it another hour, but I don't understand the software involved where I'm uploading something to the cloud to replace something, it uploads and triggers what I assume is processing, but it can't seem to properly finish despite the original upload having zero issues. There's enough posts on this forum about this that I'd say MS clearly does not monitor this forum for bugs and tech issues relating to this product...

@havulinna - You are the BEST! Thank you! This was a just in time fix for me!

@havulinna Thank you so much for the support! It worked ;) 

Thanks for this.... I've just had the same problem
Brilliant! This worked for me as well.
Nice workaround!
Life saver! This did the trick for me

@havulinna Worked for me too. Lifesaver! Thank you!!

You are my big lifesaver!  I struggled for replacing video for 24 hours.  Your answer is very simple to solve it!  Thanks to you!



You are my big lifesaver! I struggled for replacing video for 24 hours. Your answer is very simple to solve it! Thanks to you!