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We have regular shows that go out weekly that we live stream using our own dedicated system. We are looking at the idea of migrate over to stream but wanted to if there was a way to have a show using the same encoder settings that we can stream to and for it to repeat each week at the same time?


I.e, is there a way for us to create the live show that will always be there at the same time every week without having to create a new show each week and change the encoder settings every week.


We currently use Tricaster and the only way to get the encoder settings in is manually, having to update every week for every show has a high risk of user error when copying the settings in.


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Not that I'm aware of. Live Events are limited to 4 hours so once it starts it has a unique ID to the video. Also keep in mind live events / stream recordings are not open to anyone outside your org as well, not sure on the audience of your live stream, but just something to keep in mind, the only anonymous joining can be done via Teams client during the actual event.

Hi @Chris Webb 


Dang, that is annoying. We do regular shows every week that are at the same time to the same audience (all internal) so having to create an event each time and then update our streaming settings is going to be a problem.


On average we do 8 to 9 shows weekly.


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How many people join? A meeting can run indefinitely so that might be an option?

Hi @Chris Webb 


That is an idea, if we were to broadcast to an event and then stop broadcasting and go to another event and back again, would that still work?


We can have up to 900 people watching on a show and down to as low of 20 to 30 as some of our shows are open and broad, others are specific and have a set audience.


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Well if 900 can join, Meetings are not an option since 250 is the max limit. You might need to check out some kind of or URL shortening type of solution so you can update URL's on the fly or something instead of publishing new URL's just use the same URL, and update the forwarding address for each one you put on.

HIi @Chris Webb 


Right okay so if we wanted to live stream to stream to 900 people, we couldn't do that because it is capped to 250? 


Its not just the URL thats the problem, its the stream key that we need to send the stream too. If we have to update that for each event then that is going to cause problems updating that before every live stream.


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Meetings are capped at 250, Live events are 10k. Yeah there isn't anything you can do to get around that currently, Live events cap at 4 hours and have unique stream keys for each.