remote controlled live streaming/video surveillance

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Hello, I am wondering if anyone has any possible ideas or solutions for a kind of remotely controlled live streaming that would allow one to turn on a dedicated camera or recording system and share it internally with a Microsoft Teams group, and possibly externally as well.

I'm sure there are specialized systems that work with specialized software which can accomplish this, but I am curious if it can be achieved with Microsoft Stream.


Thanks in advance!

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Hi Omar, stream isn't designed with any of this in mind. You could connect a camera to a live stream, and remote controlled through it's own software but not through Teams / Stream itself. All Stream does is search up the video feed, you still need something like OBS or another production app to control the cameras etc. So Stream can handle a feed for a certain amount of time, but Streams can only last around 20 hours I think(Due to recording etc.) so you couldn't just have a non stop running stream if that was a goal.