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I recorded 2 sessions yesterday the 25th January and I have not received a message to say they are to view I have been onto look at my videos and cannot see  them what can I do. I definitely recorded the sessions and that has been verified by my colleagues please let me know what could have happened

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I have the same problem! Can anybody help?



I have an end user with this issue as well.

This happened to me this morning as well. I recorded the session with Teams, but nothing in Stream.

@Hinchy94 I had this problem today also. We had a longer meeting in Teams, I recorded three shorter 30-60 minute sessions from it. It showed that it was recording. It brought the pop-up when I stopped recording and confirmed that I wanted to stop recording. But I usually get an email saying my Stream is ready. Nothing.  It worked great Sunday.  Am I out of space? Any ideas?

@Hinchy94 I am in the same boat! We recorded a 3+ hour meeting on 1/25 and never received a notification for Microsoft Stream and cannot seem to locate the recording elsewhere...

Bueller?   Bueller???


Is there a Streams support person monitoring these, or are we on our own to hunt solutions to Streams silence?

@Doug Herman @Hinchy94 @MeShell @SteinIntCH @Doug_Klassen Hi everyone! I spoke with one of my Microsoft contacts this morning and it looks like they are moving away from Stream and my recordings from yesterday were popped right into a 'Recordings' folder in my OneDrive! I would suggest checking there to see if you have it as well.

@Hinchy94 Hello it is me vergason888. What could of happened was you could of stop super quick and did not notice it. Or maybe it was still plushing or maybe it was like this video. WRDG NEWS 6. That is probley why.

@ginabeana   YESSSS!!! That is it!  Found all 4 of them.  You are my favorite.  Thank you.

So welcome!!

@ginabeana Where did you find this folder, and what was it called?


I had a Teams meeting that shows "Recording has started" in the chat, but never show that it ended, but the meeting ended... I also recorded 2 meetings before and 3 after in the same manner. All of the videos were sent to be reviewed (confirmation email) from Stream, like normal, but this middle session recording is nowhere to be found.


Thank you.  

Hi @SFPrice! It was on my local/person OneDrive folder and when it downloaded, it also made it's own folder called "recordings" which is something that was not there before.