Re-assigning Videos to the Proper Containers

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I don't know if I'm just suffering from documentation overload or what. 


Is there no way to re-assign videos into containers? I'm spending hours inventorying videos to re-assign them into the containers they should be in only to find when I'm looking for how I do that in the migration tool it's not there?

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@AlyssaAshleyTsang same here. 
I am to the point where I am considering downloading all as MP4s and reuploading. In my case I am having difficulty making the Playlist work with videos I cannot move out of a non-shared location.


I'm really wondering if it's worth using the Migration tool at all. There seems to be more flexibility in moving the videos manually. The problem is if we don't use the tool we don't get the re-direct links.
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Please use mode 2 ( to reassign videos to a different container.
Thank you!
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