"Stream Migrated videos" folder Modified by metadata showing administrator account.

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In testing the migration tool for microsoft stream, the destination folder created by the Migration Tool shows a modified by an administrator account. We'd like to set the up to use a service account for the migration, so that administrator doesn't look like he has modified all of those folders. Is this possible?

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That will work as long as the Service Account is setup as a SharePoint Administrator and a Stream Administrator and you use that account to run the migration tool. :)
Hey Karen,

I should have clarified. The account that is showing in the 'modified by' field, is not the account that ran the migration. It is a Global admin account, but wasn't involved at all with the migration. Based on this, I don't think that setting up a service account to run the migration would change the behavior.
Oh crud. That stinks. I don't have access to a couple of client sites I did now so I can't go back and see if they showed the same behavior. We should bring that up in the Stream product team call this next week.
That would be great. If you want more specifics, please feel free to DM.