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If I upload a video on Stream, then I can see it on "My Videos" tab. Why is that, when I grant permission (owner) to my colleague, then he cannot see that video on his "My Video" tab? He can only see that video with a link, which I share with him via e-mail. Isn't there a "Shared with me" folder, where somebody can see, that others share with them?
Right now I created a Group and uploaded the videos there and made him owner of the group, so he can see the videos there. But if I'm correct, this isn't sharing.

My question is: Is there any tab or page in MS Stream, where somebody can see the shared videos?


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Same question!
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Hi @ThomasNagy

AFAIK, and from my experience my videos is for the videos that you have personally uploaded.

You can see the videos people have shared with you - or companywide videos - if you go to Discover > Video.

Hope that answers your question. It would be much easier if, under My Videos, or a section of that was called shared with you (videos where you weren't the original owner).

Best, Chris


Same complaint here. I have been added as an 'Owner' on several video, but have no way to see them all in one place. I have to remember who gave me the permissions, which in my setup is somewhat arbitrary. It really shouldn't matter.


Microsoft, please can you find a way to fix this? This vids are going to keep piling up, and I wont be able to keep track of them. In my view these should simply be under 'My Videos', as the term you have chosen for this level of permission is 'Owner'. In my context, I need to treat these videos as my own. If other have a situation where it is more like the 'sharing' of content, that feels like it could be displayed differently (and the 'shared with me' terminology of the rest of office 365 makes sense.