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Hello all!


My school district is utilizing Office365 and I am building a professional development "on demand" Stream channel. I have uploaded roughly 20 videos through my individual (work) Stream account but I'd like to have those videos show up in my group's account (PFLN-InstructionalCoaches) so that other members of my team can access/edit the videos without having to add each team member individually to each video. It will also ensure new members can edit when the group grows.


When I go to "Permissions" within the videos I have already uploaded to my individual account, I can add the group as an "Owner" of the video. Yet, the video still does not show up in the group. When I changed the Permissions to add the group as an Owner, I noticed there is a "Display" option next to "Owner", which I cannot check for the videos I uploaded to my individual account. It seems I need to have that option checked to have the video appear in the group (see photo below). When I upload a video through the group, I see the check mark appear under Display. How can I get the videos I have already uploaded through my individual Stream account to appear in the group videos without re-uploading all of the videos? (I do not want to re-upload all the videos through the group because I have linked the Stream videos to numerous places and do not want to break those links).


On a related note, what is the point of making a group the Owner of a video if it does not appear anywhere in the group?


Thank you in advance for any insight you can provide!


In the picture, both my personal account (original upload) and the group have "Owner" checked but I cannot check "Display" for the group:

Stream Settings.PNG


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@DeanLStevenson - Under the "Share with" drop down switch it to Group. Then when you search for your M365 Group and you pick it, it'll add it so you can have the "Display" check box. That allows it to show up in the Group page in Stream. 


When you add the M365 Group via the "People" search it only adds it for permissions not to show up in the Group page in Stream.


Yes this is weird and not ideal. We are changing the vision for Stream and in the fututure (or now if you want), you can just store you videos in the M365 group itself (via the Files tab in Teams, or document library in SharePoint). See our new direction here: https://aka.ms/NewStream