Publish and Distribute Podcasts using Sharepoint/365/Stream?

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Our hospital organization is planning to use Sharepoint/Office 365/Stream to house a new podcast series for continuing education that we would also like to distribute to Stitcher, iTunes, Googleplay, etc. Can this be accomplished using the functionality of Stream/Office 365? Or do we need to do this through other hosting sites (i.e. Spreaker, Podbean, etc.)?   I am not a tech person, I'm one of the health care providers creating the podcast. Our IT department has been great and it seems are actively also researching this and I'm told that our intranet capability will transition to public accessibility by end of 4th quarter. 

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I'm looking for the exact same thing!  Even if Stream just allowed Audio-only i could get by vs having the entire podcast feature tree.

Cool. LMK if you hear of anything and I will do the same. Thx!

So your asking if Stream itself can publish to the other services for you? If so no, that's not possible and haven't seen anything related to doing that. Maybe I misunderstood your question thou :).

For my case, I'm looking for something extremely basic.  The ability to upload files that are audio-only, so it can be used as a 'podcast' like service as well.


The original poster may have been looking for integration to other services.  My ask is super simple!

We are looking to do the exact same thing!  I am aware that public viewing is coming Q4 but I really wish there was more information out there as to what that means.  i.e.  Will it allow us to distribute to Stitcher, iTunes, Googleplay, etc. 

Hi @badgerhicks 

We have a similar need.

Our use cases :
"As a marketing manager I want to create information/instruction audio files for sales staff on the road to listen to while driving, because our staff don't get much time to read the campaign / promotional material"
"As a sales person on the road I want to have a company podcast that I can subscribe to using my existing podcast tool, so that I can keep up with what is going on with new product features and promotions"
We have the content : in a sharepoint library as MP3 files with descriptions and titles and other meta data.
Our staff have podcast apps on their phones.
We had hoped that we could publish a podcast feed (RSS / XML) which the staff could add to their existing podcast apps.

The problem

The problem is that 90% of the podcast apps aren't built to secure the connection between the app and the source of the PodCast. They're built for publicly discoverable / accessible podcast feeds.
There are some podcast apps that allow username / passwords to be associated with getting the Feeds BUT most of them send the username and password in clear text over the internet. NOT what we wanted for our Active Directory user's details.
So we came to the following conclusions:

- publish the mp3 files and the Podcast feed on our WWW site but hide it from search engines [for us that wasn't Ok because sometimes future promotions would be part of the content].

- pay a third party for podcast app for our company only, that used SAML or some other method to secure the content and our usenames and passwords. [again not a go for us, due to cost and the fact that it was a tool with only one use]

- use the RSS / XML feed from a sharepoint library where we store the MP3 podcast files. [didn't work for us because we couldn't get a podcast player which could authenticate into our network. LET ME KNOW IF YOU'VE GOT THIS TO WORK]

- solution we're investigating: put each podcast MP3 file into a powerpoint file, export the powerpoint file as an MP4 file, publish the MP4 files to Office365 Stream, teach our users how to use Stream (online and offline) [This was a better solution for us, because it means our staff learn about stream where we do other training and put recorded meetings etc] It isn't as easy as a podcast app, but it is "out of the box" and is using tools our current user licenses make available to us already.

I hope this helps others on the search for this sort of functionality.

@badgerhicks well some years later Stream (modern) for SharePoint now has Playlists

Use Playlists to create collections of video or audio files in Microsoft 365

With a little configuration (i.e. adding a new column to the list so you can order the items how you want) this works pretty well for the use case I outlined above. :)