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A colleague of mine migrated a Public group in the past into the connected SharePoint site. I thought all videos were viewable for everyone in Stream classic but in SharePoint only a few have the 'Everyone except externals' permissions added to the videos. 


Can anyone confirm or disconfirm that for videos from public groups, they are all accessible for everyone after migration?


To check for myself I will do another pilot migration of a public group next week, but wanted to check already with others what their experience is.

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There was a bug with EEEU permission assignment in the past which has now been resolved. Can you try a fresh migration and check if things are working correctly for you? If you see any issues with EEEU permissions, please let us know.

@nanditjain : I can confirm after a new migration of a public group that the EEEA permissions are indeed NOT added to the video items after migration.

So the videos are not accessible to everyone but only to the sites owners and members. The site correctly has the EEEA permissions applied in the members group, but the individual video items dont get it.

Sadly, another serious issue during our migration that hinders us a lot to simply start and finish the migration.

Hi, we need some additional information to look into this. Can you please submit a support ticket?
Stream public group migration: Videos are not visible for Everyone‎ (#‎2310101420002259‎)
It seems microsoft support is trying to persuade me that videos from stream classic public groups dont actually need to be visible for Everyone when migrated to SharePoint...
They now confirmed it is a bug and they're working on it.
MS Support:
"Thanks for the clarification that it was a M365 public group. You are right that the EEEU permissions should have applied automatically on the videos in this case.
We have identified a bug at our end causing this. We will try to fix this on priority (rough ETA is mid-November for now). Will keep you posted on the progress."
I think we will still go forward with migrating these public groups and afterwards reset the permission inheritance so the items get the 'Everyone' permissions inherited from the site itself.
Does anyone see any issue or downside to that?



FYI I was just able to confirm that we are seeing the same problem.  Will raise a support ticket.  Thank you for posting this here, because knowing that it could be an issue saved me a ton of time with troubleshooting or worse yet not realizing it was a problem and going ahead with migration.  

It appears this has been identified as an issue under investigation with an estimated fix of November 15, 2023. At least that's what this sounds like to me.

EEEU Permissions are not applied to videos associated with public M365 groups | *Fix estimate: November 15, 2023: Microsoft 365 groups created on Stream (Classic) with Privacy settings set to Public can be viewed by everyone in the organization. When these groups are migrated to Stream (on SharePoint), EEEU permissions are currently not applied due to which users who aren't a part of the destination SP site can't view those videos. This affects all videos associated with public Microsoft 365 Groups but migrated as part of other containers as well. We're working to fix this issue, post which, all migrated videos associated with public Microsoft 365 sites would have EEEU permissions.