Problem Uploading Videos from Microsoft Teams to Stream

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I have been recently having a problem with Microsoft Teams not uploading my recordings to Microsoft Stream. I have had no issues in the past and this just started happening last week. I am not sure if there is something in the Settings I clicked on by mistake, but I start and stop the recording on Teams but it does not connect with Stream. I thought it might be my library was full so I deleted a bunch of videos and did a test recording and still no connection between Stream and Teams. I am also recording from a duplicated meeting in the CANVAS Calendar, so I know it cannot be the link. Thank you in advance for your assistance with this issue 

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Hello, you should read this as the new Teams meeting recording storage is changed from Stream to OneDrive/SharePoint, this is mandatory for all users

You should also reach out to your admin to verify that your settings are good, such as transcripts that are set in the Teams meeting policy.


Thank you. That was where they were. Much appreciated