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Hello everyone,


I am having some problems in accessing the recordings of my lectures in Teams. I am an exchange student at a university in Naples who uses Teams, and as I am not able to attend the lectures in real time, they are recorded for me. However when i try to press play on the recordings it comes up with a message saying "Looks like you dont have access to play this video". At first i thought it was because i was added as a guest (since i am an exchange student). So got the university to create an email for me in their organisation and was added to the team again, but i still get the same message. Both my emails/accounts are members of the team. 


I am super lost, and not sure that I am posting this in the right place but I hope you can help me out. 

Thanks in advance!

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@FluffyBB - Not sure how much we can help here because it depends on how/what your school and teacher did. 


If the videos are in Microsoft Stream then the teacher needs to give you access on the video in MS Stream not just to the Team/Channel in Teams. Or they need to give access to the video to the entire M365 Group that backs the Team. If they are using Stream my guess is that they just gave you access to the Team/channel, and the videos are on a Tab in Teams, but they don't have the right permissions on the videos in Stream itself. 


For example here I'm searching for a team called "Project Bright" by switching to the "My groups" search scope in the Stream video permissions.


And then here I selected the Project Bright Team  giving everyone view access to the video.




If they are just storing the videos in the Files tab in Teams then that's stored in SharePoint. If you have membership to the Team/Channel then you likely have access to everything in "Files". So I'm guessing they aren't doing that and are actually using Stream per above. 



@Marc Mroz Thank you so much! You might just have saved me from failing an exam :cryingwithlaughter: I passed the information on to the university and now I have access. I think you where right about the problem being, that the permissions weren't right on Stream. 

@Marc MrozI've had this problem since I started my online class through my college, and these solutions do not work for me. It is really holding me up, since when it won't load, it is out of commission for hours.


Any other information/help you can give?