Pre-stage events and Haivision Encoders

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I am trying to determine if this is a Stream OR Haivision OR internal problem.  I have a list of dates for the school year, that I setup in Stream for live events.  I then went in to the encoder and setup all the streams and saved the config in encoder.  Thought process is that they would just Start the event and the encoder would be streaming.  The first inital events worked great but now a few months later, Stream is unable to see the encoder's feed even though encoder says it is good and broadcasting.  Here is the one step I could believe is a set back.  In order to save the "stream" in the encoder I have to "Begin setup" so the encoder knows the url works.   everything is in the green
When the time comes around for the event the last few have not been able to pick up the encoder feed.  Sometimes the encoder does not broadcast to the url, other the event is not picking up the stream.   The solution so far has been to use the Backup url in a new stream which defeats the purpose of setting up events.   Any ideas?  Anything would be appreciated.

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As far as I remember. You can't pre stage your events with Stream (Classic) and have the ingest url a long time ahead. The ingest url doesn't exist forever it gets spun up and created and has some time to live on it. So if you don't use it within a certain time it's deprovisioned. Also Stream (Classic) live events will be replaced by Teams live events in early 2023, annocument coming soon. So you won't be able to use Stream (Classic) for live events for a ton longer.

@Marc Mroz I figured what you said about be spun up and things, which is why I set the date and time on the events.  I could not find a "time limit" on the urls in support pages and I would think the url would stay active until the day after event (if set). This wasn't supposed to be a permanent thing as Haivision is centralized in the building but some have embraced the connectivity of 365 more than others and find it easier to use this way.  Just means more issues for me. 

I have realized that the date and time on events really do not mean anything (since you can not search by them) but it just seems like they are trying to not just be a on-demand service.