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Hi all,


Hopefully a simple question. Can I use Stream to record a PowerPoint presentation with a speaker? It would capture the presentation and audio when they're presenting at a seminar?

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Hi, @David Gorman 

You may want to checkout Stream's Live Events feature:


You'll have to consider how many viewers you'll invite so check scaling of video delivery. 



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Hi @David Gorman,

You could use Teams. Set up a Meeting, join and record full screen with the PowerPoint. This'll automatically save into Stream.

Hope this helps answer your question

Best, Chris

Hi @David Gorman ,

If you have the latest build of PowerPoint, there is a feature called ‘Publish to Strem’ under the recording tab in PowerPoint. You can use this feature to push the PowerPoint preso directly along with audio to Stream. Alternately, I like @Christopher Hoard ‘s workaround using Microsoft Teams.


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Thanks @Christopher Hoard . That seems to work fine (if a tad fiddly for the presenter to jump find the correct window) If the record button was on the smaller box that pops up during chat that would help.


Wondering if it's easier for a second person to join the meeting and handle the recording. I'll test it, thanks for the advice.