Powerpoint 365 Keeps uploading to Classic Stream

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Just quick question but we have disabled uploading for Stream Classic so manually no videos can be uploaded - that's great and it redirects to Stream SharePoint as intended BUT...


PowerPoint 365 currently uploads to both Stream Classics and Stream Sharepoint and only emails the user about their videos on Classic.

Any idea if there is a fix or something in the pipeline that will help move people across before we use the migration tool and disable classic altogether later in the year?


This is to stop content being duplicated and speeding up the migration process in future so we can stop people linking to the classic content.


Powerpoint has no option to choose destination I can see other than publish to stream.


Thanks in advance!

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Wow, good call-out.  I can confirm that I'm seeing the same behavior.  Even the dialog option sounds like Stream Classic with "everyone in your organization." We'd also interested in making sure we can disable this or expect a change to PowerPoint on the way.  



This option still seems to be there and no sign of it changing in any of the release notes (Release notes for Current Channel releases - Office release notes | Microsoft Learn). As this was the method that our staff and students used to upload a lot of their videos there is nothing to stop them continuing to do this, even though legacy stream shouldn't be allowing new uploads. This post was in June, it is now November. Why hasn't this option been removed?