Post Migration Hiding - Are containers and unmigrated videos still visible?

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Can anyone educate me as to what the end-user experience will be in Classic after a container is migrated? The migration tool is supposed to copy the file to the SharePoint location, then hide it from Stream Classic, and a URL redirection should take place. Just how "hidden" are they?


Will the end-user be able to go to the classic platform anymore to see their own videos to download them? My reason for asking is that for our Tool migration, we are planning to use filtering criteria we feel is appropriate for the business. So let's say an end-user has 20 videos in their User container and our run of the migration tool only migrates the 11 of them based on our filters. After that, would they still be able to get back to their User container where they could see the remaining 9 that were not migrated, for the purpose of downloading?  

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