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I'm looking to build a practice within our partner organization around Microsoft Stream, building on our expertise with other streaming, collaboration, and communication solutions.  Does the Stream team have any data on current and projected adoption of Microsoft Stream within O365/M365?  That would help build the business case for managed services and add-on solutions like eCDN products.


Thanks very much!

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I don't have any insider information but the numbers aren't going to reach critical mass I'd hazard a guess until the Office 365 Video migration is well underway or nearing completion.  The Phase 2 – Tenant Admin Opt-out stage should be kicking off soon, assuming it hasn't already and that will bring an influx of customers onto Microsoft Stream I would assume. This is outlined here though the timeline is still rather fuzzy. 


Office 365 Video will transition to Microsoft Stream


Microsoft Stream has still not reached feature parity with Office 365 Video, so I would gather there is a reasonable portion of customers holding off using Stream until everything comes together. It's worth following developments on the roadmap.

Thank you for the insights.  

Our company has over 850 videos in O365 Video and not knowing the details of the migration worries us.

And it appears that resources were spent getting live events in Teams setup instead of getting API's and other "must haves" that already exist in O365 Video ported over.  It's both exciting and frustrating.