Orphan videos that are in LMS

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So I have a video that is orphaned, and was not moved to the Sharepoint in the migration. I think this video was in the person's Stream under their name. They have left the university and their account is deleted. How can I locate this actual video in Stream Classic to download and redo the linkage? 



I can not seem to get the report to work using the browser to find the bearer number, is there any easier way to run an orphan report?


UPDATE I found this video and others using an old report and could search by title of the video. I changed the owner to myself but I can not see the videos under my list of videos. Any advice there?



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My advice is to not go on a wild goose chase to find individual orphaned videos, especially if you dont even know the title of the video or anything. Who can really know the video exists and know that it is missing (hint: No one). We migrated all orphaned videos into a single site. Most videos are actually not shared with anyone. The rest is still shared with everyone and the redirect works. People can go to the site and check which orphaned videos are still valuable, but who will do that? (hint: it's No one :D)
Actually, Some One did find this one which is why I need to see where it is to check on it. I was able to finally find it using the Admin on Classic Stream and migrate it.