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Hello all,


Does anyone have any advice on how to organize distribution of content in Stream? It seems that I am limited to Groups and Channels within my organization, and I am looking to find a way to share vidoes with certain departments only. Is there a way to create a group and have subgroups under it? I can see that using channels could be a means to create catagories, but ideally I need to create a chain of groups so only certain videos can be seen at different levels. Any advice?

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Hi @Geordi Darby. Can you provide more details on what you are trying to do?  Essentially in Stream, you can create a group for each department.  Videos can then be permissioned to 1 or more groups, allowing your videos to only be visable by those who have permissions in the group. 


Lets assume you have Group 1 which is a broader department in your organisation, and Group 2 which is a subset team of Group 1.  When you upload a video, if you want everyone on Group 1 to have access, you can permission the video to just Group 1.  If you want just Group 2 to have access then just permission the video to Group 2.  Lets say that Group 3 includes a subset of Group 1 but also includes people from another department - in the case where you want everyone in Group 1 and Group 3 to have access, you would permission the video to Group 1 and 3.  You can additionally give everyone in your company access to a video aswell.