O365 Video Transition To Stream question

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Will existing Stream videos/URLs still work after O365 Video is merged to Stream? 

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We have not seen a comprehensive update on what an Office 365 Video to Stream migration will look like but in January 2017 @Marc Mroz stated that: "We will also gaurntee that existing links and embed codes continue to function after the migration, so you don't have to go clean up any existing content references. The existing links and embed codes will just redirect and start using the new Stream solution, etc."





We are long over due for updates on the O365 Video to Stream migration docs. @Ashish Chawla and I should make time to do that sometime soon.


When your tenant does migrate, yes video links and embed codes will automatically redirect to the correct migrated video in Stream, you won't have to update existing links.


Here is where we are with the current state of the migration.

We are still currently in Phase 0 (beta customers with product group's help).

We've migrated a few customers successfully with the migration code. We are using this Phase 0 to find and fix any issues that might come up as we start expanding the scope of variability by migrating real production customers. We need to continue this find and fix cycle until we aren't uncovering more fixes, in addition we are still working on closing out on the code needed for Phase 1 to have a "self-service" tenant admin initiated migration.


I can't give out any specific timelines (any timelines we gave in the past were wrong, sorry) as we really need to work through the migrations in phase 0 until we are all feeling good about opening it up to anyone who wants to migrate in Phase 1.

Thank you, Mark.  How about links of existing Stream videos that were uploaded to Stream prior to the transition? 

All the videos in Stream will stay in place with the same links. We are just moving videos from O365 Video into your existing Stream tenant, so no changes to the videos in Stream itself. We do have customers are dual using Stream and O365 Video right now.