No Live event option under Create

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Under Admin Settings>Administrators I am setup as a current administrator and under Admin Settings > Live Events (preview) I am setup to create a live preview


But I do not get a Live Event option under Create?

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance

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That is strange, Did you also try to start a live event from Microsoft Teams for example? if it is not working i would suggest to create a service request.

In MS Teams I also don't get the option New Live Event just New Meeting?Capture3.JPG

Kind Regards Cathi 

@Cathi69 - Can you try logging out of Stream and back in again? If that doesn't work please open up a support ticket so we can have someone get your session ID and investigate deeper. If that's the right user listed in the Admin setting then you should have access to create a live event. 


I'll go see if I can repro this issue on a test tenant or not myself as well.

Sorry no luck, I can't reproduce the issue on my test tenant in production. It works as you expected. Please work with support to get a ticket opened and info needed for deeper debugging. Sorry!

Thanks Marc logged and out and no difference so I will open a support ticket - thanks!

Quick question how do I open a support ticket? Sorry to be a pain
It's OK found it!!
The final answer from Microsoft was: James (Microsoft) Wednesday, November 21, 2018 7:32 PM GMT Hello Cathi, I've determined that the Live events are only available for some particular licenses, the list is available on this site: Create live events in Microsoft Stream1 Enterprise (E1, E3, E5), Education (A3, A5) Create live events in Microsoft 365 (Teams and/or Yammer with external encoder)2 Enterprise (E3, E5)11 The Microsoft Stream admin must grant permissions to create live events 2 You must be a group owner to create a live event in Yammer This is the summary of the things you're trying to do with Stream right now. You should be able to get a 30 day trial of E3 or E5 if you want to give it a go before you put money into it. Cheers, James Office 365 Support

@Cathi69 what license does your user have? 

Hi Marc, I have business premium so hopefully they will make Live Events part of business premium. Cheers Cathi 

It seems odd that it is not available for Business premium.  Does anyone know if there are any plans for this to happen or who we can raise this with. 

@paul42 @Cathi69 - At this time we don't have plans to add Microsoft 365 live events to the Business Premium licenses. The live events service is quite expensive for us at Microsoft to run and as such we are currently reserving creation of live events to the E1-E5 licenses. Users with other licenses can watch a live event they just can't create / produce one.



well, we know that for do make live event, the user must comply with licenses (E1,E3...), but if yet go on the problem, you first one must do is configured lenguage and time zone of account on Then refresh you browser and ready.



Hey @Marc Mroz is that still the case.

I produce live events for small companies and non-profits and Teams' integration of RTMP sources appears to be way ahead of Zoom....