Nicht autorisiert zuzugreifen - not authorized to access

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Good evening,
I work as a teacher at a commercial college.
We use Office 365, TEAMS and within that, I integrated several videos via STREAMS.


Unfortunately, my students receive the error message:

"The authenticated user is not authorized to access this resource."


The weird thing is, that I have a test-account and there it works out fine:
As in TEAMS integrated desktop app (stand alone installation on pc), as webbrowser based application as well as android smartphone app.


My students get this message while using pcs in the school-network (as so do I, but for me it works) and on their smartphones (in the test case an IPhone I suppose).


I checked already all kinds of options within azure active directory. All licenses are granted correctly.


Almost a year ago, STREAMS wouldn't load within the TEAMS-tab itself, but when hitting the "globe"-Button, where it starts in an external windows (and you are prompted to sign in again), the videos would work fine within the STREAM app itself, but not load within Teams. So the problem with STREAMS is existing for quite a long time within my college.

Like I said, for me (w/ regular student account as well teacher account) it works fine on android/web/pc. Yes, I did close/log out of my teacher account before, cleared the cache, etc.


I would appreciate any kind of hint to solve this issue. Yo can answer me in english or german, just as you like. Thank you very much in advance.


René Schäfer

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