Need Help with Microsoft Stream

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Dear Team,


Can I speak to somebody?


I am using an existing video platform in my region and wanted to understand how can I migrate to streams and have some discussion about the features etc..

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Hi @pk101

Whilst Stream offers a migration path from Office 365 video, AFAIK it doesn't offer migration capability from third party platforms and as said here

Until Stream API's are developed (which are being developed this year and are on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap), the only way to move video to Stream at this time would be to download it from the source system and upload it into Stream - in other words do it manually. Stream does support a wide range of file types including MP4, WAV, AVI and MXF. For a full list see here

As said, once the API's have been released you can expect migration tools to surface on the market - mostly likely third parties with Microsoft potentially releasing it later. This is all conjecture until the API arrives

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris