Navigating channel videos


Hello, I have a Stream channel with about a dozen videos and I need to make edits to all of these video details.  When I list the videos in the channel, I can click the pencil icon to edit the details. Fine.


But when I then apply the changes, I don't get back to the channel view, but a page for the video that I just edited.


To get back to the channel view, I need to go via the navigation "My Content > Channels" and select the channel again. 

That is time consuming and annoying. Why can't the "Apply" button after a video detail edit go back to the page that it was launched from? 

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@Ingeborg Hawighorst - I tried to see if I could come up with any sort of workaround to open the edit details page from the channel page in a new tab, but I couldn't. I agree with you this is not optimal. At this time I don't see us making changes to the navigation and page flow, sorry.