MS Teams Recording is not showing in Stream

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I have a User that started a recording in a meeting he is the organizer for and everything worked as it normally does. When it was time to end the recording, he hit Stop Recording and he didn't get the normal alert that pops up asking you to confirm Stop Recording, it just went straight to Start Recording again.


Then he noticed it say Recording has started in the meeting. Is there anyway to get that video recording back? I looked via the Admin view in Stream and saw the 7s recording he made after so I wanted to see if somehow the other video is still getting processed but not showing up in Stream?



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@kreligioso Hello! Thanks for your question. It's a better fit for our Microsoft Stream space so I am moving it there. Thanks!

@kreligioso I got a similar here. Any recordings at a MS Teams team will be seen at the channel post for us to download, but the video entry could not be found at MS Stream my videos(of the initiator account nor meeting members). Since I should disable the access by other meeting members to the video for my private review of the presentation so I need to have an entry at the Steam.

I have been recording weekly meetings since March. Suddenly, on the 26th of Jan. 2 recordings did not go to streams.


Was it that week that is the problem?

I also recorded a call with my manager on February 9. I saw the notification banner across the top that said "meeting is being recorded." When I went to my Microsoft Stream content library, there's no video. 

I went back to that meeting room and just did a quick 50 second recording to see if maybe there's any indication where the meeting went, and it didn't show up either. 


It looks like Teams meeting recordings are broken and either not saving or not being moved to the Microsoft Stream portal. 


Thanks so much! That shows whole roadmap.